CatchPulse Antivirus – Free License for 1 year

Free license for CatchPulse antivirus for 1 year. CatchPulse AI antivirus solution provides customized protection against viruses and malware that standard antivirus scanners miss.

The new CatchPulse antivirus from the developers of SecureAPlus provides computer users with advanced artificial intelligence, multiple cloud-based antivirus scanners, and an easy way to control applications.

Whether the threats are file or fileless, internal or external, CatchPulse offers the right combination of threat detection, malware control, and analysis to securely protect your Windows PC from malicious attacks.

CatchPlus antivirus interface

There are only two settings in the main interface of CatchPulse: Auto-Protect enabled and Auto-Protect disabled. Three categories follow scanning, manager, and parameters, the settings for a standard solution are quite enough. There is quarantine, exclusions, scan settings, password settings, history, dark theme, and more.

The first time you use CatchPulse Antivirus, a unique “allow list” is created based on how you normally interact with your device. It will evaluate everything that happens on the computer and gradually adapt to the user.

Once you turn on auto-protection, CatchPulse's artificial intelligence will assess the situation and decide what action to take based on its analysis and the results of third-party virus scanners.

When Auto-Protect is disabled, all decisions regarding which programs are allowed to run on a user's computer are in the user's hands.

CatchPulse Antivirus - free license for 1 year

Features of CatchPlus Home

Currently, there is no artificial intelligence or antivirus software or even a combination of antivirus software that can guarantee 100% virus detection.

To ensure complete security, CatchPulse uses a “block first” strategy. The features of the new antivirus are that in addition to protecting against file threats, it also protects against malicious scripts and warns users if it detects any malware.

Feature List

  • Comprehensive security based on ten+ cloud-based antivirus modules.
  • Easier malware and virus detection.
  • A fast comprehensive scan of the operating system.
  • Three on-demand computer scan modes.
  • Automatic updates of the anti-virus database.
  • Application control capabilities and whitelisting as part of the Block-First strategy.
  • Three whitelist modes are available, so you can set the security level to your liking.
  • Dark and light interface mode.

Getting your 1-year Free License

1 . Go to the registration page and create a new account. Confirm the creation of an account by clicking on the ” Activate my account ” button in the incoming email message.

2 . Download CatchPulse and install it on a Windows laptop or computer:

[lana_download id=”117″]

3 . Go to settings and go to the account section.

4 . Click on the ” Redeem License ” button.

5 . Login using your registration information and the license key below:


Information for this Giveaway License:

  • An annual license is provided for one personal computer.
  • Free upgrades to new versions for the entire license period.
  • Strictly non-commercial use for personal purposes.
  • No free technical support.

That is it, enjoy!