Free Unlimited VPN – Outline VPN

If you are looking for a free VPN service that actually doesn't suck, then today is your lucky day! Outline VPN is a free VPN with no traffic limits. A simple open-source application for computers and mobile devices provides individuals with secure and anonymous access to the Internet.

Outline VPN uses strong encryption to help keep your online activity private. The servers provided are automatically updated with the latest anonymity and security protocols. Outline VPN is very convenient and suitable for creating a secure VPN network tunnel with IP protection.

Outline VPN works just like way OpenVPN does, Outline VPN is open-source software that runs on different types of devices and operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The scheme has three main components: the Outline VPN server acts as a proxy and relays connections, the Outline manager is a graphical application, and the Outline client connects to the Internet.

It's easy for staff and organizations to set up a corporate virtual private network ( VPN ) on their own server and get constant access to the Outline client. Owning your own server allows you to control the number of users who have access to it. Personal use and organizations can easily set up their own server in just a few minutes without the need for technical knowledge.

Outline VPN offers a secure, anonymous, flexible, and well-protected network. Outline VPN provides a set of mechanisms that allow you to build a secure VPN network: it authorizes, authenticates, encrypts, and ensures the integrity of transmitted data.

Outline VPN

The problem with traditional VPNs is easy blocking. When users use a regular VPN, traffic becomes anonymous, but if all security protocols are used, unique cryptographic signatures are generated and it is very easy to detect such a device.

Outline VPN works even when other VPNs have been blocked. The provided service is more resistant to discovery by using protocols that are harder to identify and harder to block.

Servers are provided from many countries: the United States of America, England, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Poland, India, Russia, Turkey, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Or you can set up your own instance on any VPS or dedicated server, even at home.

Head over to the downloads page choose the installation file that suits your operating system and choose the servers key that you would like to use, it's easy as it can get, happy surfing!